Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The super long update post

This is Addison after her surgery. She did amazing. I should have wrote this post right after it happened when it was real and raw and right in the front of my head. But I have been busy with life lately. After her surgery was done we were only in the hospital for 5 days. i couldn't believe. I thought my heart was going to explode when everything was done with and they told me it was a success.  I literally felt a million pounds lift off of my shoulders. I had my mom and hubby with the whole time, thank God for their support. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Not one complication.  Not to mention the size of her scar. It was nothing like I thought it would be. I pictured this massive incision all the way to her belly button for some reason, but it was smaller than my finger, which you can see in the pic.

By day 3 Addison was smiling.  It was auch a wonderful sight to see. I was so happy to pack my stuff up and get out of that hospital and have that whole situation behind me. Once we got home it took a little while to get back to normal. But I think we are there now. We have been seeing the cardiologist every other week. And so far everything has been right on track. And Addison is even starting to gain weight. And with that being said there is another reason why she is gaining weight, she has been eating baby food. And she loves it, every bite. I have to scrape the baby food jar and she is still wanting more.  She is especially loving apples. So far she has had apples, peas, sweet potato, green beans and baby cereal with apple juice. She is a happy little camper. We also went to the eye doctor and audiologist. The eye doctor said she is a little farsighted. But I knew she would need glasses, we all have them in my family. And the audiologist did not get a good reading and thought addy had some fluid in her ears so we went and saw our pediatrician but she said there was no infection and not much fluid at all, nothing that would cause concern or would need immediate action. So that was good to hear.

Hailey has been doing awesome in school. Her coloring skills are almost perfect.  I swear, its crazy she stays in the lines.  I cant believe with just a few months of school all she has learned. She has also picked up an extra bit of attitude. But she hangs with the boys and I saw that coming from a mile away. Lets see what else. Halloween was a success, and the girls looked freaking adorable. As always we started the night off late. But that tends to happen when there are like 6 children involved. And even though we are half way threw November, Hailey's candy is still sitting in her bucket not even eaten. But we are not going to tell her that.  And speaking of candy... Hailey had her tooth pulled and after this week it will have been a total of 3 dentist apts for the month. The good thing is Amber came to help for the tooth pulling. Yea she went back there.  Soooo many doctor and dentist appointments, I am exhausted to say the least. Besides all of the crazyness and busyness this time of year brings, it also welcomes the cold weather.  Well what we Floridians know as cold weather.  We have brought out the cold clothes, and that makes me a happy girl. Living in Florida is a wonderful thing. I don't know where else one day you can be wearing a hoodie, long sleeve shirt, pants, socks and sneakers and then two days later back into flip-flops and tank tops. Its a wonderful thing. I love this time of year, and next week is Thanksgiving. We have lots of things to be thankful for this year, but ill save that for another post.  Im sure there are other things that have happened since I last posted but I've got to start dinner.....Frozen pizza here I come.

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