Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Girls Night In with Durex Sexplorers Pleasure Party

Let me start off by saying this was by far the best party I have ever hosted.
I was lucky enough to be chosen by Crowdtap to host this amazing party supplied by Durex.
So I decided I would host a Girls Night In Party. 

We sat around had wine and food, and that got to the really good part.
The goodie bags.
I handed out the goody bags that had the stuff everyone was able to get and everyone looked through it and then we talked about the items in the bag. 
Some girls had used products and other girls were excited to try new ones.
Then I numbered the prize bags and had each girl pull a number 
out of a bowl and they got
to open that corresponding bag. 
Then one by one the girls opened the bags and we started talking about all the things inside the new bags. These girls were practically jumping for joy. 
Then after that excitement, 
we started playing one of the games.
Never Have I Ever.
It was EPIC.
We laughed so hard, and talked A LOT.

Everyone said we needed to do this every single month, at least once a month
to get together and have a good time and to play this game.
Once again Crowdtap you amazed me with the awesome opportunity I was given to host this party.
And Durex you have some AMAZING products, and I'm so glad I got to share
these products with my friends. I recommend going out and checking out
all the fun new things Durex has come out with to Spice things up.
Even if you are unsure about trying something new I PROMISE you, that you will
NOT be disappointed with Durex products. 
Check out the Durex Website here.
And click here to sign up for Crowdtap.

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