Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Old Navy has decided to change up there oh so popular flip flops that come in every color under the sun. I have been given the opportunity to try a pair out before they hit stores. And I'm super excited to share with you how that went. I have been given this opportunity thanks to being a member of crowdtap.com where I got picked to try these flip flops out. If you would like to sign up please click this link http://bit.ly/h9g9tL
Lets start off with some pictures. I took pictures twice because I changed my toe nail polish...lol

 These flip flops are so adorable and versatile. They have a more slender shape and a thinner strap. And they are SUPER COMFY!! Oh man I have worn them every single day since I got them. They are perfect to wear with jeans or shorts, they go with everything. Make sure you check out all the awesome new things at oldnavy.com There is something there for everyone, and there is always awesome sales going on. So go check it out, and be excited for these new flip flops to come!!!!!!!!

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  1. COOL! Sarah and I love OLd Navy flip flops! She has green and I have purple.