Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kindergarten Pressure

You know those things no one ever tells you about before having kids? Well lately I've come to realize something. I'm one of those baby moms. I nurse, cuddle, bathe, love, swing, play and feed tiny little babies gracefully. I manage to do everything while im working on 3 hours of sleep and I love it. Babies are soooo great, they just want to be held and loved and changed. Pretty simple, for the most part. But now my first baby is a 5 year kindergarten. Age 5 is hard, this kid is already telling me she needs hair spray and fighting over outfits and telling me what shoes she "WILL" be wearing. And then the hardest part is what they want these kids to learn in kindergarten.  I am just simply amazed at the pressure they put on these kids at such a young age. I mean really they expect these kids to read and practically do algebra at 5. And Hailey just turned 5, two weeks into the school year. This is so draining....Flash cards and homework, and PRESSURE. I feel so much pressure, she has to know 20 something sight words by the end of the first quarter....yea she knows I and the see? That's it and we've been at it  since the second week of August. How do you do it? Get your kids to learn all these things in lighting speed? This is hard adjusting to our new learning regiment.Give me back poopy diapers, black and white books, and a small bassinet closely by my bed, or her snuggled on my chest where she slept for the first 8 weeks of her life. Because this 5 year old age is for the birds.....

Here is easy to please baby hailey, sleeping on my chest peacefully.

And here is 5 year old Hailey getting ready to go to her first day of kindergarten


  1. homeschool!! you'd be great!! and then you can teach Hailey phonics, not sight words, when she is ready! take your time with them, they are young for so little time and the public schools are stealing that away. (among other things!) call me!

  2. Babies are definitely easier!