Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer time

Its coming. And I can feel it. The sun is shinning and it feels 
like it's 100 degrees outside.
But at the same time with out much notice except a few dark clouds the rain starts to roll in.
But that's Florida summer for you. 
Hailey is about to be out of school, and I'm actually excited. 
I can't wait to have time to do things and not have to worry about picking her up at a certain time.
And no more waking miss grumpy pants up in the morning and fighting 
over what color socks she is wearing for the day. 
I have so many plans, going swimming at grammys, playing out side with the hose, going to friends houses for play dates, going to lakes park, playing at the regular parks, and I have a box full of crafts for the girls.
I'm going to be wrist deep in glitter glue and I can't wait!