Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Im conceited....

When it comes to my children....I can't help it. Look at them! They are so beautiful.

I can't believe how lucky I am. I love when I look at my girls together its so precious. I love how Hailey mimicks me and talks to Addy like I do. It's so precious. Having children is really amazing. Its not always pretty I'll say that much. But the good stuff is where its at. And things like the first christmas is right up there. This is Addison's first christmas. Im still waiting on a miracle, and holding onto hope that maybe she could sit by her self for at least a minute. Who knows, stranger things have happened. So for the next few days its baby-sitting-up-boot-camp. We will see. Im so excited about Christmas. My tree looks amazing, and so will all the presents that will be there christmas morning. I can't wait to see Hailey and Addison's face when they get to see all there new fun toys. Ughhh its going to be such a mess in here. I did get rid of a bunch of toys but lets face it I have a shopping problem... So yeah there is still much more to get rid of. But I think I just need a bigger house :)

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  1. Beautiful pictures of your children and I came accross your blog through SWFL momma's in Cafe Mom. Hope we can connect sometime.