Sunday, November 6, 2011

This and That

If you happen to notice I have a new header. After trying to edit my blog and freshen it up 
the other week, it failed didn't go so well. So of course I cried like a little baby was a little upset. But now I'm happy again! Yay!
Halloween went amazing, and the children looked adorable. Every year our little group gets together to go trick or treating.  We always end up getting out very late, but this year I'm happy to say it was in a much more timely manner that we were out the door and getting some candy. Which of course I have eaten almost all of it.... Bad mommy.
Hailey, Addy, & Emma

Addison as a Princess

Mackenzie (Ariel) and Hailey (Barbie princess)

Hailey and Addy, both thinking lets get this show on the road!

Now that Halloween is over and done with its time to get into November. 
This is a busy month for us.
Hailey will be going to the hospital to have all of her dental work done
on the 16th. Which I'm not to excited about at all. But will be super happy when it is 
over with. Another day in the hospital waiting and crying in store for me. But we can get through it,
just keep us in your thoughts and prayers, as Hailey will be under general anesthesia for a few hours. 
And then there is Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping and No school for half a week.
I'm pretty excited about that. I'm sure I will gain at least 5 lbs this month, 
but I won't know it because my scale broke :(
 Now back to my Sunday of sitting on my butt cleaning.