Thursday, December 30, 2010

10 Random things I love

1. Striped leggings/leg warmers (Addison's drawer is so full, I'm going to be sad when it gets hot again.)
2. Texting  (I don't know how I lived without it?)
3. Target (This place has everything!!!)
4. Things that cost a $1 (One of the reasons I love Target!!!)
5. Pictures of my children (Can you tell???)
6. BIG hair bows (They go great with striped leggings)
7.  Margaritas (Once im done breastfeeding im drinking a few of these!!!)
8. CHOCOLATE (Enough said)
9.  Flip-flops (I wear them even when its 50 degrees out)
10.  Wii (We got one for Christmas, and it is super fun, probably helps that I've been kicking everyone's ass!)

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