Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No mom, I can do it.....

It has been a while since I sat down to write something. I've been feeling rather blah lately. I think I will blame it on the constant change of weather and the planets re-aliening or something like that. As of now we are in the process of finding a new car and possibly finding a new place to live. Our duplex is small, and our family has out grown this 2 bedroom 1 bath where our life has been for the past few years. We got married here and had Addison here. This lil duplex has been our home, but I think its time to let go. Crossing fingers we find something bigger in our price range. But who knows what tomorrow will bring. We have until the last day of February to figure things out so its going to be awhile. Addison is growing and learning things every day. We have finally defeated sitting up with no support. And that feels great. Im so proud of my lil munchkin for getting past this milestone. Yesterday we went to the ear nose and throat doctor, where we found out Addy will be needing tubes in her ears. Im sure she will do fine, but with this comes the scary lil possibilities of what if. But Addy is a rockstar. She is amazing, and when it comes down to it I know she will get through it. Im wondering if things will change after she gets these tubes, is she going to babble more? Maybe say mama? I hope so. I can't wait for that. She doesn't even act like she has any problems with her hearing, but there has been fluid in her ears for sometime, and she has failed 3 hearing tests. So tubes here we come. Hailey has really been trying to keep me on my toes. Sometimes I wonder if she wakes up and thinks of ways to aggravate me for the day. She wants to be so independent. And sometimes it drives me nuts. Her new thing is buckling herself in the car. "I can do it mom!!!" That's what she likes to tell me. When she says this I want to scream and shake her, but I don't. I keep my cool, I just don't look forward to getting in the car. She also likes to unbuckle and open the door to get out of the car which makes me nervous. But im trying to have patience with her. Please pray for me...lol.

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