Thursday, March 10, 2011

rain rain go away....

Right now Im sitting at my desk with addy in my lap sleeping. Its pouring outside. I'm not a fan of the rain. Some people love the rain, I don't. It makes me wanna sleep, and the tought of my electric going out scares me. I hate driving in the rain, and I hate that rain brings out the frogs. Which Im petrified of. So all in all I don't like the rain. So I put this movie on that is called the runaways.  And I had to laugh because the kids were at this party and this song was playing. Do you want to touch me there, do you wanna touch, do you wanna touch, do you wanna touch me there. Hahaha I cant believe this is a real song I heard it on Glee the other night. Totally made me laugh. So at least I can laugh a little even though its gross outside.

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