Saturday, June 18, 2011


This weekend is father's day. And im involved with a website called crowd tap, where im in a group discussion about father's day. Today they asked what are some of your favorite memories with your father and I wanted to share my answer and put it on here. Its so weird how thinking about things like that really make your mind wonder. Makes you think about how you want your children to be raised, what you could be doing that your parents did, that you don't absolutely hate them for. It makes you think of all those happy child hood memories. If you are lucky like me I had my parents to myself for 5 whole years before my brother was born. And I remember what it is like to have full attention on you for those 5 years. Not that I remember being a baby but im pretty sure I loved all the attention even then. But before I start a novel here is my happy memories, well a tiny short excerpt of my happy memories with my dad.
      When I was young my dad used to take me fishing all the time. I remember this one specific time he took me out on a little tiny boat and we fished and i ate these fruit roll ups that were made with real fruit. We used to go to a lake and i would fish with my little push pole and use hot dogs as bait. We used to live in Georgia when i was about 5 and that's when we fished a lot. Then when I was a little older and we moved to Florida every weekend we would go to the beach, we would sit on the bridge and fish and we would always have doritos and sandwiches that were packed in a cooler. Then when I was older in my teenage years, he started to teach me how to drive. My dad really was a great father and there are millions of memories that are my favorite but those are just a few from my younger years. Now that I am an adult my absolutely favorite memories are from when my children were born. We call him the baby whisperer. Really both of my children were smitten immediately. Especially my oldest because back then we lived with my parents and she would want him all the time still does now and she is almost 5. He would hold her and bounce around the kitchen when she had colic and only he could console her. It was very sweet. I had no idea how wonderful my dad would be as a grandparent but things like that really stick in my mind.
 I really did have a pretty good childhood. I'm so lucky that have such great parents. I hope that my husband and I can be just as wonderful as my parents were.

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