Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Old Navy Summer Shorts Party

 This weekend I had the pleasure of hosting an in-store Old Navy Summer Shorts Party. And it was a BLAST!! I got my girls together and headed to our closest Old Navy, which is in Coconut Point. We immediately started searching for outfits to try on and experiment with different styles. They have sooooo many different styles of shorts to try on. One of the friendly Old Navy employees saw how full my arms were and took me over to where there was a cart. I had never noticed these carts before as I thought they were strollers. My arms were stocked with shirts and shorts of all different styles. My friends were right behind me. We went to the dressing rooms, where the excitement really began. We tried on so many different styles. My blood was pumping and I was so excited I couldn't contain myself. I found some fun shoes and sunglasses to try out also. Did U mention this amazing coupon party started out with Crowdtap. Where I am on The Old Navy Style Council. I must be doing something right! If you would like to sign up please visit http://bit.ly/h9g9tL and you can start answering questions and get in on having some fun and sign up for some sample shares. Now for our fashion show in a few pictures. Prepare yourself for some awesomeness....

We had so much fun trying everything on. If you would like to find your own old navy summer shorts you can find them by going here www.oldnavy.com . I mean really don't you want to look as cute as we all did!! 
All opinions shared are my own. I did not receive any compensation for this blog post. I did receive 4 coupons which allowed me and 3 friends of mine to receive one free pair of shorts, one free shirt, and one free accessory.


  1. looks like so much fun!! which ones did you pick?

  2. I picked the white shorts with the tank top that was beige and had a floral design. last row middle picture

  3. It looks like you all had a great time!